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6 Important Stories Which Are Missing From MS Dhoni’s Biopic!

The much-awaited biopic of India’s most successful captain, MS Dhoni, has released and getting good response from audiences. The biopic has made its mark as the 2nd highest opener of 2016, after Salman Khan-starrer “Sultan“. Film cover some untold aspects about Dhoni’s personal life which are not known to all but there were many things that were missing from the film
Have a look at this 6 important stories which are missing from MS Dhoni’s biopic.
1. About his elder brother Narendra Singh Dhoni..

The character of some closest persons of Dhoni’s life is also included in the film but his elder brother Narendra Singh Dhoni’s character is not associated in the biopic. The film only shows his elder sister Jayanti. Dhoni’s elder brother Narendra is a politician. He joined BJP in 2009 but left the party and later in 2013 joined Samajwadi Party.

Narendra was born on October 22, 1971 and get married on November 21, 2007. Narendra has a son and a daughter. Earlier they lived with Dhoni but later they got separated and the reason is not clear. In Dhoni’s biopic his father, mother and sister’s character is included but about the brother nothing was told. Narendra Singh Dhoni’s life is away from limelight.
2.RP Singh was missing..

As admitted by Dhoni himself, Rudra Pratap Singh aka RP Singh, another talented cricketer from Uttar Pradesh is one of his best friends. Be it celebrating the purchase of Dhoni’s Hummer or monitoring the building of his dream home in Ranchi, both men have been seen together on many instances. Despite the Indian captain’s hectic schedule, he always makes it a point to be with RP on all important occasions.
Even Dhoni’s wedding events were arranged by RP Singh but the film did not mention it in.
3. How he become captain..
The film does not mention the fact that when and how Dhoni became team India captain. After 2006 Pakistan tour he directly seen as the captain of T20 World Cup 2007.

4.His relationship with actress Laxmi Raai..
It’s been five years that Dhoni and Tamil film actress Raai Laxmi broke up. Raai and Dhoni dated each other for some time back in in 2008 when she was the brand ambassador of the IPL team he was captaining. Raai was so smitten by Dhoni that she even said in an interview that she would marry Dhoni if he proposes to her. The film was not shown their affair story.

5. Film focus on batting instead of wicket keeping..
Dhoni entered in team as wicket keeper. Even as a child he had been in cricket as a wicket keeper. But in whole film his batting was highlighted.

6. Why he collects stumps after every victory..
Over the last decade, cricket lovers have noticed that Dhoni collects a stump each time India wins. There have been stories behind the act such as astrological, some say that his zodiac sign Cancer gives him the personality trait of being a habitual hoarder. Another far-fetched story claimed that Dhoni has been collecting stumps to help one of his friends build a fence around his house with it.