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It is geared up to meet the needs of emergency evacuation assistance to critical patients with the required faculty of emergency medical assistance. So you call us. Asha Ambulance Service Pvt Ltd is manned by a medical team with patient specialized doctors and advanced medical equipment. Emergency medical care and support is a core part of health care. Emergency facilities play a vital role in providing much needed medical aid and healthcare. It offers advanced EMT, ICU and CCU facilities with best medical equipment.

Ambulance cost in Patna is always steep for urgent care and transfer of critical patient. Provides immediate medical aid to avoid any potentially harmful consequences to the life and health of the patient. We provide a safe and fast service at a very comfortable rate. Ambulance ICU provides complete setup of emergency medical services. Responsible for providing transfer facility to the critical patient at the lowest cost. Other basic life support equipment are included for immediate relief to the patient. The facility of bed to bed transfer is very comfortable for the patient during shifting.

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