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The jezebel root (Iris foliosa) is an old traditional hoodoo root that is very powerful in assisting with financial affairs, as this root was named after Queen Jezebel in the Bible, and often referred to as the Queen Elizabeth Root, also known as blue flag for another botanical name. The actual root has its own “ashes” (power) like many roots do, and this is most beneficial if you are in any type of business of your own, financial endeavors, transactions, etc. This is also an excellent oil to use for hexing as the history states this is the “Curse of the Jezebel” and will remove all negativity away very powerfully from you as well to obtain your goal. This is a female root, which generates ashes especially towards men in general, so this will be most alluring to the male and if you keep the root close to you. Call Patience: +27678419739 E-mail: patiencehealingzone@gmail.com