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Jezebel oil was made for the ambitious. Those who have desires and goals in mind and want to attract like-minded people or situations. Traditionally oils with jezebel root were used by “ladies of the night” to attract clients and make them more desirable.

Today these oils can be used to improve your own mental state towards yourself and what your worth should attract.

You see it? You like it? You want it? You got it.

Scent: This oil is very enduring and intoxicating. Infused with florals and jezebel root. Seducing blend of vanilla, burgundy roses, black raspberry. Contains a bronze mica for that shine and pop of glimmer. Yummy. This one is a keeper! (smells amazing but please don’t eat it!)

How to use: I definitely recommend wearing this as a body/perfume attraction oil DAILY. You can also use in the “curse of the Jezebel” ritual. You may use this oil as an anointing aid for your tools, yourself, and/or candles. Place a few drops behind the ears, your neck, wrists, etc. and state your mantras. You can also add a few drops of oil to sachets, and on cotton balls to place under pillows. Add a few drops to bath salts and bath water. Feed it awake mojo bags, or just use as a regular perfume oil. -Anoint self and tools prior to performing an intimate spells (attraction, sensuality, sexuality, friendship, self love, love, feminine, etc). Anoint self daily, amulets, etc. Following ritual work.

The bottle size is 1oz (30ml) or 2oz (60 ml) capacity and 3-4 inches tall clear glass material with a glass dropper inside the bottle attached to the lid. Please remember to store your bottle in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. We recommend using the oils within 6-8 months. Please refrain from getting water inside of your bottles to ensure the longest possible shelf-life and quality of your oils. All items are made to order to extend the life of your products and may vary slightly from the photos due to the handmade nature of this product. Products may come with sticker product labels on the bottles or attached tags.
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