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If you are in a situation where you need ambulance services to provide progressive medical services, contact Asha Ambulance Services Pvt Ltd. It provides ICU train ambulance service to the patient safely.Safe to transfer patients to a medical ambulance with complete medical setup. This ambulance is always ready in a critical position to provide all levels of care and treatment for ambulance medical services. The train provides ambulance facility to take the patient from one city to another.

Train Ambulance Cost in Patna Transfer your loved one to other cities with very expert MD doctors and skilled paramedical technician in control of life saving ICU equipment. It is equipped with all the latest medical equipment to be able to move your patients continuously on time. Bed-to-bed services are helpful for transferring the patient from the hospital to home or vice versa. Our medical team unconsciously provides proper care and helps to transport the sick patient to the city safely. Ready to move patients 24/7 hour.

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