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Go Vegan California Roasted Pistachios 1KG | Pista, Lightly Salted (JAR PACK)

Price: ₹989.00
Price Discount : ₹1,599 - ₹989.00
(as of Feb 01,2024 11:25:04 UTC – Details)

❖ Go Vegan California Roasted Pistachios Extra Large in Lightly Salted flavor is a bestseller product from the house of Go Vegan.
❖ They come in a combo pack.
❖ The finest of California pistachios made into a wonderful and tasty snack.
❖ These pistachios are relished by children and grownups alike.
❖ Best as a serving for cocktails, evening snack,s or anytime munch.
❖ A 28-gram serving of pistachios contains good amounts of fiber, protein, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B6, and manganese.
❖ They have a rich and nutty taste, and they contain other important nutrients too.
❖ The antioxidants in pistachios are some of the highest amongst nuts.
❖ Go Vegan is a premium flavored nuts and dry fruits brand.
❖ Go Vegan has pioneered a new and yummy way to consume the daily dose of healthy nuts and dry fruits.
❖ At Go Vegan, we bring the taste and health together in a single pack in the finest of packing.
❖ We believe in serving the best products to our customers and hence we travel across the world to procure the finest nuts and dry fruits.
HELP IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: 49 Pistachio kernels have only 172 Calories, 10% Fibre, giving it a satiating effect and helping in weight management. We roast our Pistachios without a single drop of oil and they are lightly salted to get the full flavour of the nut.
Fun Fact – Pistachios are also known as the ‘Smiling Nut’
High in antioxidants Pistachios fight inflammation, protect blood vessels and support healthy heart.
Super Rich in Disease Fighting Anti oxidants