Nivia Kross Rubber Hand Stitched Volleyball, Size 4, (Yellow and Blue)

Nivia Kross Rubber Hand Stitched Volleyball, Size 4, (Yellow and Blue)

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NIVIA Kross World Volleyball: Conquer the Courts with Global Precision and Power – Elevate Your Game to International Heights!

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Unlock Your Volleyball Potential with NIVIA Kross World Volleyball – the Ultimate Training Ball! Featuring a robust 18-panel design and durable rubberized stitching, it excels on all surfaces, from indoor courts to challenging outdoor wet and soft terrains. Engineered for rough use, Kross World is your ideal partner in honing your skills. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, its precision and performance shine through, making it the perfect choice for intensive training sessions. Join the league of champions and elevate your game to international standards with Nivia Kross World Volleyball, where excellence knows no boundaries.







Discover precision and power with our 18-panel volleyball. Engineered for performance, it’s perfect for intense matches and training, delivering unmatched control and durability on the court.


Experience the pinnacle of volleyball technology with our top-layer design. Crafted for optimal grip, precision, and durability, it ensures every serve, spike, and block leaves a lasting impact on the game.


Unlock the secret to unparalleled performance with our innovative mid-layer design. Engineered for responsiveness and stability, it enhances control and power, elevating your volleyball game to new heights.


Elevate your game with our advanced volleyball core. Engineered for consistent bounce and durability, it ensures every play is met with precision and power, making it a game-changer on the court.


Size- 4 and 18 panel Machine Rubber Stitched
Latex bladder offers optimum air retention and high bounce
Training or Recreational and suitable for Indoor all surfaces and wet & soft Surface
Multicolor design offers visibility
Official size and weight