Surkh Saffron – 100% Pure, Natural I Premium Pack – A++ Grade I Untouched Original Saffron/Kesar- 5 Gram (Pack of 1)

Surkh Saffron – 100% Pure, Natural I Premium Pack – A++ Grade I Untouched Original Saffron/Kesar- 5 Gram (Pack of 1)

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Product Description



“Surkh” is Persian word which means “Red”. We Import the Best Quality Saffron available in market, from around the world and supply all over India and Overseas. We select the finest stigma. We believe in sourcing the best quality saffron from our suppliers which is why we select them very carefully. We bring you the finest, hand-picked pure and genuine saffron. We are selling the best quality saffron to connoisseurs in all parts of India.

Persian saffron has the most intense colour and aroma, especially when compared to the more mild Spanish saffron. The crimson stigmas are hand-picked, collected and dried for distribution. Its deep red threads yields a gorgeous and rich yellow colour when soaked in hot water, making it a wonderful natural dye. Just like diamonds, saffron’s quality is graded and there’s even a number scale. For the best quality of saffron, choose saffron threads (not powder) that are Deep red..


The saffron flower is composed of 6 purple petals, 3 golden yellow stamens and one red pistil. It is this famous pistil made up of 3 stigmas (filaments) which when dried up gives the spice Saffron.

Saffron is an Exotic Spice known for its versatile usage. This Golden Spice is found from the Crocus Flower. Specifically, Saffron is plucked three red stigmas inside the flower. It is native to Southwest Asia, but was first cultivated in Greece and later cherished in Iran, Middle-East, Spain and rest of Europe.


Our saffron gives you a taste as well as aroma that is incomparable to any other. We are one of the largest importers / dealers of saffron in India. You are in for the best saffron buying experience yet. We ensure that our product gets from farm to your table as close to nature as possible.


Quality of Surkh Saffron

1. Moisture – Defines the thickness and length of Filaments

2. Crocin – Measures the coloring Strength

3. Picrocrocin – Measures the flavoring strength i.e bitterness or taste

4. Safranal – Measures the Aroma in Saffron






Natural Extraction

Our Saffron qualifies for Grade-1 on all the above mentioned parameters. Our Saffron goes through a thorough quality check before reaching your hands.

Helps Strengthen Immunity

Immunity & StrengthLearning and memory retentionWeight Loss and Diet Control

Healthy & Glowing Skin

Acts as a Natural Anti-Oxidant Improves Face TextureReduces Acne and BlemishesRadiant and Glowing SkinSkin Lightening

Great for women in their Pregnancy

Reduces in Mood SwingsHelps in DigestionPromotes Sleep

HEALTH BENEFITS : 1. Increases Immunity & Strength 2. Promotes learning and memory retention 3. Fights against Depression and Anxiety 4. Weight Loss and Diet Control

HEALTHY FOR NEW MOMS: Saffron has many benefits for women after delivery. Daily consumption of saffron is recommended during pregnancy to be helpful in improving digestion, controls mood swings, prevents postpartum depression, ensures peaceful sleep.

Saffron Weight : 5 gram I Best Before: 24 Months I 100% Pure Natural Untouched I ISO 3632 Category 1 Tested & Certified

SKIN BENEFITS : 1. Acts as a Natural Anti-Oxidant 2. Improves Face Texture 3. Treatment of Acne and Blemishes 4. For Radiant and Glowing Skin 5. For Skin Lightening. item_form: flowers

DIRECTIONS FOR USE – We Suggest you to Soak the Crushed Saffron in 20 ml of hot water, milk or wine for at least 30 minutes; The saffron threads will transmit their taste, aroma, and colour to this solution, which can then be used to add the desired flavor in your saffron based dishes. One can also leave this mixture for the whole night to create a potent infusion Saffron threads can also be crushed into a fine powder which can be used to prepare paella, bouillabaisse, risotto etc }

PACKING: The long saffron threads are packed in an airtight packaging box that doesnâ€t allow the air to flow inside. Keeping it in an air tight jar helps in preserving its properties for a long time.