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Wooden Stumps for Cricket with Bails (Set of 4 Bails and 6 Stumps) | Wooden Wickets for Cricket (Brown)

Price: ₹435.00
Price Discount : ₹999 - ₹435.00
(as of Feb 04,2024 04:31:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Children Playing CricketChildren Playing Cricket



Ready your game with our reliable Wooden Cricket Stumps in a classic brown hue. Crafted to withstand intense matches, these sturdy stumps stand firm on the pitch. Their traditional look brings a touch of class to your cricket setup while ensuring durability against powerful shots. Whether you’re playing a friendly game or practising your skills, these stumps are the ideal choice for a solid cricketing experience.



Complete your cricket setup with our dependable Wooden Bails. Designed to pair perfectly with our sturdy stumps, these bails offer durability and precision. Their classic wooden construction ensures a secure fit atop the stumps, ready to withstand every hit. Elevate your game with these essential cricket bails, ideal for any cricketing occasion, from friendly matches to competitive play.

Out in CricketOut in Cricket

Whether you’re a seasoned cricketer or a beginner, these stumps are perfect for honing your skills and enjoying the sport.
The stumps offer exceptional stability, ensuring they remain upright even during fast deliveries and powerful shots.
Suitable for both casual matches and serious gameplay, our stumps cater to a wide range of players.
Easy to set up and carry, these stumps can be used in various cricket settings, from the field to the backyard.